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I believe we all possess self-healing abilities. As a spider medicine practitioner, I serve as a facilitator to your spiritual healing. My energy healing services aid your physical, mental and spiritual journeys. As a healer my goal is to help facilitate your healing, meditation and protection goals.

SpiderWoman healing therapies offers spider medicine and stress management services from my location in Tucson, Arizona. I first began giving intentional readings in 1991, and possess a lifetime of experience with shamanic healing. My travels to and experiences within other realms traces back to my early childhood, and over the years I have developed a relationship with spider medicine in particular.

My healing sessions rely on spider medicine to provide you with self-healing tools. My options for healings encompass a broad range of sessions, including full shamanic journeys, mini-healings and stress management training. I also offer group classes that teach you about meditation, protection and utilizing and developing your own psychic abilities. I offer options for remote work, as well, and am happy to provide you with recommendations for additional resources to help you learn, grow and heal.

Contact me today and find out more about how I can help you find a better sense of health.

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Custom JewelryIt can take hours to find the right stones with the proper healing energy to use for each hand-crafted piece I  make. Therefore each piece is uniquely created for the individual.

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Full shamanic journeys, mini-healings, energy work, and intuitive readings are all part of how I help you heal yourself.

Shamanic Healing"Thank you. I have felt a major shift since seeing you.  Life is a great thing to be a part of."

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I teach
group session
as well  as single lessons for those who need specialized individual training. Most group classes have limited class sizes as to make sure each person gets personal attention.

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Recommendations          Here you will find books, cd's and divination cards that I  have found to be most helpful in my own spiritual growth. They all come with my highest recommendation.

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