Dictionary of Terms
Angel – an energy being that helps each soul fulfill its life task.

Aromatherapy – the treatment of dis.ease and the maintenance of physical health by using essential oils.

Astral Body – the higher self, spirit, soul, or psychic body that resides inside the physical body.

Astral Travel – when the conscious mind moves into the astral body and we project ourselves or travel; an out of body experience; the ability to send the astral body outside of the physical body, journeying to other realms, dimensions, planes, and keeping the conscious self with it.

Astral Projection – see Astral Travel.

Aura – energy patterns that surround the physical body of all things, such as humans, animals, plants, rocks, etc.

Channeling – a medium through which information is perceived from a source other than the personal conscious self (i.e. higher self, angel, spirit guide).

Chakra – Sanskrit for “wheel”. Major energy centers or channels that correlate to the physical and spiritual bodies and the emotions. There are seven major charkas, each with a corresponding color (see color therapy):
1. root – base of spine; red
2. sacral –genital area; orange
3. solar plexus – (Chi); just above the naval; yellow
4. heart – middle of chest, midway between shoulder blades; green
5. throat – base of throat; silvery blue
6. brow – third eye; between and just above eyebrows; indigo
7. crown – just above the head; royal purple

Chi – (Qi) Chinese; life force energy.

Clairaudience – mentally perceiving sounds beyond the range of hearing; able to hear sounds as spirit communications.

Clairvoyance – able to see objects and visions with your third eye (see chakra), regardless of distance or time.

Coincidence – to happen at or around the same time; to occupy the same place or be alike; lets just say that I don’t believe that there is such a thing as something that happens by accident, as we are meant to learn something from everything in life.

Color Therapy – each color has specific and general properties that can be used to aid the healing process in many different ways, usually though visualizations.

Creative Visualization - the use of mental imagery to obtain an objective; a vivid mental picture of a desired thing is held in the mind.

Crystals – any stone, including quarts, precious and semi-precious; they all emit an energy vibration that can aid in general and specific healing practices; sometimes used as an amulet or talisman.

Deja Vu – a feeling of having experienced something before, although it is the first time it has happened; it may be because of a premonition or dream you had, or a memory you held from a future lifetime.

Dis.ease – a blockage of energy that manifests in the physical body, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Dreamtime – the place where we go when we dream or are in deep meditation.

Guide – see Spirit Guide.

Empathy – deep sympathetic feeling; actually feeling others’ emotions as though they were your own.

Energy – life force; vibration; power; chi (qi).

Energy Vampire – a person or entity that takes energy from other people rather than from Universal Energy, which is unlimited and harms no one; you often feel tired after being around or speaking with them; sometimes is intentional, other times the person may not be consciously aware he/she is doing it.

Essential Oil – an oil made from the extract of a plant, flower, or other substance that preserves its fundamental properties (flavor, aroma, functionality).

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real.

Intuition – a knowing of things without the cognitive thought process; sixth sense; psychic; instinct; it functions on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Karma – Sanskrit for “deed”; an individual’s physical and mental actions which determine the consequences of a person’s present life and sequential lives through reincarnation. There are three types: concern with the present cause and effect that will influence future lives – this is many times considered three fold; already been caused and in the process of being effected; has accumulated but not yet been effected.

Lucid Dreaming – very clear, vivid, colorful dreams that seem to be reality most often happening while we are sleeping.

Mantra – Sanskrit for “mind to deliver”; syllables, words, or sentences used in ceremonial rituals.

Medical Intuitive – a person who knows instinctively what the dis.eases are in your body; this can be through many ways: clairvoyance, empathy, etc.

Meditation – Any discipline or practice of the mind/body that enables the individual to alter his consciousness or achieve a higher state of consciousness; there are many different forms and processes.

Metaphysical – the study of first principals, such as being or the nature of reality.

Progression – a meditative state where you go forward in this lifetime to see yourself already manifesting your present goals.

Psychic – intuition; to have extra-sensory perception and sensitivity to forces and energies. Everyone has the ability to be psychic, but not everyone understands how (or is meant) to use those tools.

Psychic Protection – techniques to put protections or to guard yourself against negativity, energy vampires, and other energies that are not of our highest good.

Psychometry – the ability to discover facts about events or people by touching objects relating to them.

Qi – see Chi

Qi Gong – the study utilization of universal life force present in all things. Tai chi is a form of chi kung.

Regression – meditative state where you go back in time, this lifetime and other lifetimes, to heal the past in order to release present challenges.

Reincarnation – the transmigration or rebirth from body to body, in subsequent lifetimes, of the same soul.

Shamanic Journey – a deep meditation facilitated by a shaman or shamanic healer; quite often you meet your spirit guides or angels during the journey, and sometimes a gift is bestowed upon you.

Shamanism – one of the oldest healing practices, and has been utilized globally. A true shaman is thought to have either been born into it (heredity), or “chosen” by The Great Spirit or Supernaturals (innate gifts). The shaman can see spirits and souls, and communicate with them; make magical flights to the heavens (see astral travel) where he serves as intermediary between the gods and his people; and descend to the underworld, the land of the dead; shamans are also known to shape-shift.

Spirit – the soul or life force; does not need to be in physical form.

Spirit Guide – energies in animal or human form, including those who have crossed-over, who guide us in every day life.

Synchronicity – meaning “coincidence” of similar or identical thoughts occurring at the same time in different places, neither seemingly explained by causality, but connected in the unconscious; a meaningful “coincidence” of a psychic and a physical state or event which have no seemingly causal relationship to another.

Tarot – a deck of divination cards that is used as a tool to read a person’s past, present, and future.

Telepathy – mind to mind communication; thought transference; thought reading.

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