How I Work

In your three hour SpiderWoman Therapies session, I will work
as your spider spirit guide and medium.

The first 15-20 minutes of the session begin with a cup of sage and chamomile tea to help clear and relax your mind as I light candles and we discuss what to expect for the upcoming healing session. During this time, I ask that you don't share details about your life - physically, spiritually, or emotionally - or your intentions for the session.

We'll then shift into breathing exercises where I'll semi-guide your meditation and begin my journey to other spiritual realms required for my energy-focused work. I guide you through mediation and hone in on the most important focus of the session through a combination of spirit guides encounters and visual, physical, and hearing sensations. In this stage, you'll receive visions from your conscious and higher selves. I'll assist your movement through the meditation with questions until you return to your body and full consciousness.

Upon waking, I'll interpret your journey and discuss notes to help your understanding and serve as a reference in your future spiritual work. The notes will include written messages received during the journey as well.

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