The links listed here are people with whom I truly believe in
and trust; they are true healers with their own unique and
special talents and qualities.  I recommend them all highly and
without reservation. - Spring is an musical artist with an extraordinary talent.  She's got such a wonderful Faerie energy about her that is evident in her performances.  I highly recommend watching her live then getting one of her cd's to listen and relive the experience! - This is an amazing book that has broken records on selling to worldwide readers.  Those to whom I have gifted this book have also sung its praises and passed it along.  It's a must read.  John is someone whom I feel privileged to call a friend.  He's an accomplished MBA as well as Public Speaker; John and his wife live in Orlando area.

Soulyogapractice - Govindas is a very well respected yoga teacher in Santa Monica , California as well as a sought after Kirtan leader and instructor.  He has such a wonderful talent for healing with his practices, that I feel a necessity to "sing" his praises.  Both he and his wife are such giving people in the community.  I am truly honored to be able to call him friend.

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