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We all have the ability to heal ourselves within our self. As
an healer, I'm really just a facilitator and seer who aids you in,
on many levels, be it physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual.

I am rarely surprised by life anymore, but I am constantly amazed by it! As I write this, I find that my life has really not been of the ordinary, but has always seemed so (and still does), as it is, after all, just my life. I am, however, very appreciative of my talents and gifts, and think they are way cool, especially as the new ones just "pop up" out of nowhere! People are always asking me what kind of healer I am, and I don't really have the answer; what I tell them is that it's basically shamanic healing, encompassing my innate abilities.

As a young child I was aware of entering the dreams of family members, but I never knew how I did it. I would wake up and my sister and/or my mother would tell me about their dream the night before, and I would then let them know I had the same dream; this would happen time and time again. Not until many years later did I realize that I was entering their dreams. Since then, I've bee told by many friends and clients that I would enter their dreams when they would ask for my assistance - sometimes I would not be aware it of in waking time, and other times I could recall the dreams clearly.

               I can also recall times when I would be extremely  bored in school, so I would leave my body              and go stand at the back of the room, being aware of both of me at the same time, although I              don't know that I was really aware of what I was actually doing at the time (dreamtime healing and astral travel).

As a kid in my early teens, I would see on other dimensions, but no one knew what is was, so my parents took me to the eye doctor; my eyes were of course fine, in fact better. What normally seemed far away looked close, what was close seemed far away, and there seemed to be two things in the same place. This was the first time that I can recall what I know now to be seeing on more than one plane of existence at a time. ( clairvoyance ~ sight )

Throughout my childhood, on family trips my mother, sister, and I would play guessing games in the car to pass time - mom would think of a color, number, etc. and I would "guess" it on the first or second try nine out of ten times. ( telepathy ~ thoughts )

I found myself to be quite an emotional child, teen, and (dare we say) an adult, especially around others who are in an emotional state or in large groups. For example, I would get cranky every time I would go into a shopping mall or event with lots of people, or I would really want to cry when I was listening to a friend talk about his/her sad situation. I eventually learned what this was and how to control it as well as protect myself from taking on what other people are feeling or the energy they are putting out. ( empathy ~ feeling other's emotions )

For many years I would hear the phone ringing, or pagers going off before they would actually ring. I would hear people speaking when it wasn't audible to others. ( clairaudience ~ hearing )

Throughout most of my childhood and adult life, I would have deja vu (a feeling of having experienced something before) regularly; even more so just after a car accident when I was 25 years old. This actually became somewhat irksome, as it was happening up to several times a day. This is what would become the catalyst for the intentional study of metaphysics and my personal spirituality, which is what led me down the healer's path. This was also the first time I was consciously aware of "seeing" people, guides, or those who have passed from this physical world, on a different plane of existence ( channeling ). It's always been fascinating to me how these talents just "show up" when the time is right - I'll be working with a client, giving a reading, or maybe just talking with a friend and all of a sudden I'll begin to see or feel or hear things in a way I wasn't previously aware.

For many years now I've been studying different schools of thought, and have adapted ideas from each with which I resonate. I feel closest with the Native American philosophies, specifically the Lakota, Sioux (see Spider Medicine). I've learned from many books, people, as well as trial and error throughout the years, and I've found that the basic beliefs of each culture and it's philosophies are quite similar, but with differing ceremonies. I've found that there are strong correlations between the Native American and the Taoist thought patterns as to how the universe works; I came to this understanding through my Qi Gong studies. During this time, I found that the healing portion of Qi Gong was the close to the type of "hands on" healing energy work that I perform. "Hands on" does not mean that one needs to be physically touching the person; for me it's easiest to be in close proximity to the person (my hands starting at about a couple of inches or more from the physical body. This type of healing energy work can also be done remotely, using clairvoyant sight or astral traveling /astral projection (having your physical body in one place while your spirit travels to another).

One of the abilities that I find quite interesting is the one as a medical intuitive . I incorporate many of my seer abilities to accomplish this, but the key really just awareness; awareness of the messages that are being sent to me. Sometimes I actually see the dis.ease of the body in picture form, or I'll physically feel it in my own body, or the words and knowing will just be there in my head, or even sometimes the words just come out without thinking or feeling anything about it.

As recently as October 2004, I was given a gift, a type of spiral healing, by a woman, Divine Amma, from Singapore . Amma mans mother, and in the Hindu culture, as she is revered; there are many people who believe that The Mother is able to reincarnate herself into more than one being at a time. On the evening the gift was given, I was then honored to be able to do energy work, incorporating this new gift on her. It was a most amazing experience. A couple of months later I realized that I was then able to see and feel karmic ties between people and issues, and aid the person in releasing them easily.

There are many ways though which a person can do readings : clairvoyant, empathic, telepathic, clairaudient, tactile, intuitive. People are most familiar with the reading of Divination Cards, such as tarot or oracle cards. When I give a reading/consultation, and the person is physically present with me, I generally use psychometry , which is the reading of an object (usually a piece of jewelry). I can get impressions as a still picture, a moving picture, an emotion, or even feel physical pain in an area relating to the person. The psychometry just makes the connection stronger and more solid sometimes.

As the personal need arose, in my thirties I studied essential oils for use on myself. I've been able to use that knowledge, along with my intuitive abilities in making just the right blend for individual needs. I also have some very popular general blends that were started because of feedback and demand.

All crystals and stones, be they rocks you pick up off the ground or precious stones you acquire, have healing properties. Depending on the individual's needs and desires, I use my creativity, knowledge, and intuition to make the customized Goddess Jewelry ,. I use only high quality semi-precious and precious stones along with sterling silver.

grew up a very "type A" personality, and my mind was always very active, therefore, meditation a challenge. I have been able to turn these challenges into an ability to teach anyone to meditate, even if it's just for a few minutes the first time out. I have also lead group classes in meditation. I utilize creative visualizations in my teachings of stress management as well as other areas of healing, like the following types of meditations. Regressions and progressions are basically the same, just different parts of the time line, which is actually not a line at all but a circle happening all at the same (present) time. Regression is going into the past to heal issues and progression is going into the future to help heal present situations and to aid in manifestation. They are both done while under a personalized meditation , which is a combination of my intuition and knowledge working along with you (your personality self), your higher self and spirit guides. The meditation I take you through is called a shamanic journey . Live in love, light, and happiness!

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