I do just a bit of energy work, aligning and opening chakras and
other energy blockages. Most times I have messages to give and discuss with you that will help in releasing the cause of the block. There is also a small interpretation time to help you understand what is said and what you might be able to do about it. These sessions take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour.


I ask that you bring a piece of jewelry that has been only yours, and that has been worn for at least six months; preferably not a watch. I then proceed to intuit your reading through psychometry (see dictionary of terms ). I tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I do, however, always leave some time at the end of the reading for any specific questions to which you want to know the answer.


I will teach you a variety of breathing techniques, creative visualizations, and short meditations to help you handle the stress that shows up in our everyday life.



Animals often will take on dis.eases for their human caretakers, in order to teach us lessons without having us go through the physical or emotional pain ourselves.

Animals are no different to work with than people, except that sometimes they are easier because they don't have the fears we carry around in our conscious minds. The caretaker (owner) should always be present during the healings to discuss the issues/challenges that come up. After each session most animals are much more calm and in less physical and emotional pain, and the caretaker has a much more clear understanding of what is going on with the beloved pet.


 Meditation  - I begin each class by teaching you how to breath to get the most out the meditation, and how to protect your ethereal body while you are meditating. All group classes are fully guided meditations, while the individual teaching is tailored to each person's specific needs. Stress management tools are also taught during this class. This is a one day or night workshop. Wear comfortable unrestricted clothing.

 Protection   - What you don't know can hurt you.  I teach you different methods on how to protect yourself from taking on other's energies, from allowing others to take your energy, and other types of psychic protection. This class is a one night or day workshop. Relevant items will be available for purchase at a discount rate at the end of the class.

 Psychic  - I will teach you how to understand and utilize the psychic abilities we all posses, but only where it harms none and helps all. The classes are somewhat tailored to the desires and needs of the group as well as the persons in it. I will teach you psychometry, photograph reading, trusting your intuition, utilizing the healer within all of us, as well as other subjects. This class is a series over six weeks, and very limited in size so each student can get the individual attention he or she needs. Wear comfortable clothing.
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