"Out of many thousands of people, one may be on the actual
path of spiritual healing, and out of many of those on the path
it's rare to find someone who is very sincere and honest. Ilise is
such a rare soul and her healing work is real and powerful. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of healing to experience her gift." SD, Los Angeles , CA

"I have been searching for a long time to meet someone who could truly tap into my soul and bring to the surface issues that have long been withheld. Ilise is that therapist for me. Not only does she have an innate ability to dive to the core of you, she is authentic and it is clear that she cares about your progress as well. If you are ready to take a step forward in your journey, I highly recommend her."
MM, Santa Monica , CA

"Thank you.  I have felt a major shift since seeing you.  Life is a great thing to be a part of."
CP, Los Angeles , CA

"Thank you for all of you assistance,  and all that you are!"
DE, Santa Cruz, CA

"Ilise was introduced to me as a healer, which I now consider to be a rather modest title for her. I suppose everyone should experience her gift and decide what to call her for themselves. I was conscious of my eternal pains at the time. I was only somewhat aware of their internal root causes. I was excited to see if she could tap into them and provide true healing.

The words were on the tip of my tongue as I approached her to start our work but she hushed me, there was no need to speak, she said. She was right. In the first few minutes she tuned into my pain, and into several layers of depth relating to that pain. She spoke a few words to me - words that went straight to my soul. Truths that I recognized as such, and kindness and love that warmed my heart. I don't know to what extent I am cleared yet; time will tell, but I certainly feel that she has effected a major shift in me.

There was indeed, nothing for me to say, except thank you and God bless."
SK, Los Angeles, CA

Ilise is a genuinly loving and compassionate being equipped with some powerful gifts. Selflessly she offers these in the spirit of service, frequently offering her healing hands and intuition for free to our local spiritual community. I got to experience her abilities a few times myself - and within a few minutes, she always gave me just the impulse and/or insight I needed at that very moment, which often 'happened' to be a time of harsh transformation for myself. The SpiderWoman was the ray of light necessary to guide the way. Not even remembering what she said afterwards, she just conveys a message and assisting energy from another realm to you, that allows you to perform the leap.
In love and gratitude,
Rasmus Ram Toerper
Yoga Teacher/ Student of Metaphysics
Venice Beach, CA/Germany

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